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Living with osteoarthritis? Get back to #TheThingsYouMiss

October 8, 2015

In honor of World Arthritis Day on Monday, October 12th, and since Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis, affecting an estimated 13% of Canadians[1], we invite you to visit and share a special website dedicated to helping people and family members living with OA celebrate and continue participating in the activities they love. This website will also be an opportunity for members of the OA community to engage in a conversation with other Canadians living with OA while discovering tips on how to maximize participation in their favourite activities. Visitors will be invited to share photos of things they love to do (and plan to do again) but sometimes miss out due to OA pain and will be able to learn about treatment options including viscosupplementation. Help spread the news…

[1] Bombardier C, Hawker G, Mosher D. The Impact of Arthritis in Canada: Today and Over 30 Years. Arthritis Alliance of Canada, 2011. Available at