For Canadian residents only

Exclusively for SYNVISC®/Synvisc-One® patients

As a SYNVISC®/Synvisc-One® patient, you are eligible to join OnTRACK with SYNVISC®/Synvisc-One®

What is the OnTRACK program?

OnTRACK offers you support and information about your OA of the knee. The program has been designed to help you take an active role in your OA management.

How does the OnTRACK program work?

  • First, you’ll complete a quick survey and enrollment form to join the program and to help your physician understand what you currently know about OA
  • After you enrol, you will receive an OnTRACK Welcome Package, which includes:
    • Our Balanced Living magazine
    • A bonus item to help with your rehabilitation
  • Over time, you’ll also receive educational materials and articles by email, with tips and information on how to manage your OA
  • As part of our ongoing commitment, we will follow-up with you 5 months after your injection to check your progress and provide you an exclusive offer. At this time, we will invite you to complete a second follow-up survey that we share with your physician so they can stay up-to-date with how you are doing.
Print the OnTRACK enrollment form and bring it with you to your next doctor's appointment

Speak to your physician about joining the OnTRACK program

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