Today, I was able to play tag with my son.

Sandra, 41, Human Resource consultant, Toronto, ON,
Running and playing sports with her children

    About Sandra...

    Sandra remembers life before seeking treatment for her knee pain. Long runs around her neighbourhood and playing games with her son were big stress relievers.

    When Sandra began to experience knee pain after these types of activities, she went to her family doctor and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee. Sandra’s doctor gave her a prescription for pain medication, which provided some short-term relief. However, when the knee pain began to affect her performance at home and on the job, she really began to feel the physical and emotional impact of this condition.

    “I stopped running and reduced most types of physical activities with my son. My weight went up and my confidence went down. My knee osteoarthritis determined whether I was going to have a good or a bad day, which was emotionally draining for me and my family.”

    Sandra went back to her doctor, who then referred her to a local knee specialist for an injection of Synvisc-One. The knee specialist explained that Synvisc-One is a localized treatment that re-establishes the lubrication and cushioning properties that normally exist in a healthy knee. Within 2 weeks Sandra felt a noticeable difference.

    “It has been truly amazing. Without the pain, I was able to get back on track with a running program and be more active with my son. More importantly, I feel more in control of my life again.”

    Sandra’s knee specialist encouraged her to come back in 6 months, or when the knee pain returns, for another treatment with Synvisc-One.

    “I’m currently 4 months into treatment, and still feeling fantastic. If and when the pain returns, I will definitely go back for another treatment!”

I’m back in fighting form, and helping save lives!

Ryan, 38, Firefighter, Calgary, AB, Men’s hockey and soccer

    About Ryan...

    Ryan has always enjoyed an active lifestyle. He has been a sports enthusiast since he was a kid. He plays in a men’s hockey league during the winter and an indoor soccer league throughout the year.

    “A year ago I started developing knee pain that started to slow me down. The pain made it hard for me to do my job and enjoy my extra-curricular activities.” Although Ryan tried not to stress his knees during his daily schedule, he came to realize that the pain kept increasing day by day. It was essential for him to seek medical advice in order to continue his regular lifestyle with no further complications.

    Ryan was prescribed a special knee brace and Synvisc-One, which made a load of difference. After his first injection of Synvisc-One, Ryan felt a difference in his mobility within a few hours and was soon back to his daily routine.

    But over time, Ryan noticed that his knee pain had returned and went back to see his doctor, who reminded him that Synvisc-One must be repeated every 6 months when the pain returns. “Getting back on Synvisc-One was exactly what I needed.” Once again, Ryan had relief of his osteoarthritis pain and was able to get back to the active lifestyle he loves so much.

I love to paint new places and meet new faces. Traveling is easy again!

Sandra, 53, Vancouver, BC, Art Instructor, Teaching and travelling

    About Michelle...

    Michelle teaches painting classes at home in Vancouver and loves to travel. She decided to combine her two passions by running painting tours around the world. She travels with her students to scenic locations where they paint and indulge in the local culture.

    “Some of my favourite places to paint are landscapes in France and Italy.” Having visited many parts of the world, Michelle says every new journey is a new experience.

    A decade ago Michelle started experiencing knee pain during her tours and thought it was fatigue. Over time she realized that the pain she was experiencing wasn’t normal and that she needed to take many breaks during the tours. Her knee pain was slowing down the group and causing them to lose valuable time at locations where timing was important. Especially when they wanted to see the perfect view of a sunrise or sunset.

    After a visit to her doctor, Michelle was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. “I felt like my days of travelling and seeing the world were over. I was devastated.”

    After looking into a variety of treatment options Michelle asked her doctor about SYNVISC. Her doctor referred her to a knee specialist where Michelle received SYNVISC. “I felt relief immediately. It was simple and effective; exactly what I was looking for.”

    Once Synvisc-One became available, Michelle made the switch to the single injection. Today, Michelle uses Synvisc-One regularly and says that thanks to the medication she is able to guide her troupe to new locations that she was afraid of visiting before. Michelle proudly states that she feels “on top of the world”, all thanks to Synvisc-One!

I played an 18-hole golf game today, and I feel great!"

Peter, 53, Ottawa, ON, Business Owner, Golf

    About Peter...

    Peter is a 53 year-old business owner and is passionate about golf. “Golf is a big part of my life. I golf in a men’s league on Wednesday nights and with my wife on the weekend.”

    In the winter, Peter and his wife try to make a couple of golf trips to Florida each year, where they also enjoy searching for a future residence as “snowbirds”.

    When Peter’s family doctor diagnosed him with osteoarthritis of the right knee, it did not come as a surprise. He immediately went to a local, well known sport medicine clinic for help.

    “The Sport Medicine physician told me that a knee injury I had when I was 24 years-old was the likely reason for the progressive wear and tear in my knee. He said eventually I may require knee replacement surgery, but in the meanwhile we could treat the problem with Synvisc-One and a muscle strengthening program.”

    Peter was not willing to let the pain slow down his golf game and wanted to avoid knee replacement surgery for as long as he could.

    “I’ve now had three yearly injections of Synvisc-One and continue to strengthen my legs. I’m walking 18 holes of golf two times a week, with little to no pain. My physician says that if I keep getting results like this, there’s no reason for surgery down the road.”

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Synvisc-One is a treatment to decrease pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis that replaces the diseased synovial fluid in your knee with a gel-like substance that is very similar to the synovial fluid found in healthy, young joints.

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