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After Your Appointment

Here are some tips for how to best take care of your knee after getting your injection of Synvisc-One®.

Take it easy

After receiving your injection you may want to take it easy. Try to avoid putting a lot of strain on your knees for about 48 hours after your treatment. Some activities you may want to avoid include jogging or standing for long periods of time.

Side Effects

There are some side effects associated with Synvisc-One viscosupplementation.

You may experience some short-term pain and swelling in the joint that was treated. These side effects are generally mild and go away soon after the injection.

You may find that using an ice pack on the affected joint may help to reduce mild pain or swelling

If you experience any other side effects make sure to contact your doctor.


Remember to mark the date of your Synvisc-One injection on your calendar. You may also want to mark down the date of your 6-month follow-up appointment, since this is when you can get another injection of Synvisc-One to help provide you with ongoing pain relief.