July 31, 2015

People who are affected by joint pain are at the center of everything we do. It is difficult to really understand what it is like to live with a condition like osteoarthritis, which affects daily activities and performances in such a significant way. At the end of the day, only people who suffer from the condition on a day to day basis can truly understand how it feels and what it implies to live with pain and reduced mobility. This is why, we asked people living with osteoarthritis to share their experiences with us.

If the stories of Anik, Caroline, Lise or Serge resonate with your own, please talk to your physician about what you are going through and how Synvisc One can be a part of your osteoarthritis treatment plan.

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Synvisc-One is a treatment to decrease pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis that replaces the diseased synovial fluid in your knee with a gel-like substance that is very similar to the synovial fluid found in healthy, young joints.

For Canadian residents only.

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