What is Synvisc-One

For the early and ongoing management of patients with osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain.


ONE gets it done.

    • A single injection with Synvisc-One® simplifies the management of knee OA pain
    • A single injection with Synvisc-One provides long-term pain relief and improved physical function comparable to SYNVISC®
    • A single injection reduces the risk of adverse events compared to multiple hyaluronic acid (HA) injections*

    *Adapted from Conrozier et al, 2009. In a pilot, prospective, multi-centre, open-label, randomized trial of 100 patients, Synvisc-One (1 x 6 mL hylan G-F 20) was ranked first for patient global assessment, physician global assessment and safety (10% patients reported a treatment-related local adverse event) compared to other hylan G-F 20 dosing regimens (1 x 4 mL, 2 x 4 mL, 3 x 4 mL, 3 x 2 mL).

Most Effective Response Rates When Given Early

Synvisc-One is the only viscosupplement beneficial in patients across all stages of OA, and should be considered earlier in the treatment algorithm.

    *Derived from a retrospective study of 336 patients injected with SYNVISC Hylan G-F 20. Response rates were determined as the percentage of patients feeling “better” or “much better” on a 5-point efficacy scale over a period of 2.5 years.

The Science behind Synvisc-One

Engineered to closely mimic healthy, young synovial fluid.

    2 Cross-Linked Polymers in 1 Unique Product

    Synvisc-One is made up of 80% Hylan A (fluid) and 20% Hylan B (gel)

Demonstrated Efficacy with Synvisc-One

Proven to provide OA pain relief, improve physical function and delay the time until TKR.

  • Helping patients stay active longer
    • Proven to significantly improve physical function
  • SYNVISC® has been shown to significantly delay time to total knee replacement (TKR) by a median of 2.1 years.
    • Even after 3.8 years, 75% of SYNVISC patients were able to avoid TKR
  • Potential cartilage preservation

    Synvisc-One® offers superior efficacy vs. placebo over 26 weeks, with the convenience of a single injection.

    Over 70% of Patients Responded to Synvisc-One

    Adapted from Chevalier et al, 2010.12 A randomized, double-blind, saline-controlled, multicenter trial of 253 patients (mean age 63 years) with moderate to severe OA knee pain. Patients initially received arthrocentesis, followed by one 6-mL injection of Synvisc-One or one 6-mL injection of placebo (saline). Responders to treatment were defined as per the Outcome Measures in Rheumatology, Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OMERACT–OARSI) responder criteria.

    Versus 53% with placebo at Week 18 (p=0.003). At week 26, significantly more (64%) of patients treated with Synvisc-One responded to treatment vs placebo (50%; p=0.028).

Synvisc-One and your OA plan

Why take a multimodal approach to OA therapy?

  • Enhanced efficacy with 24-hour, consistent coverage
  • Limit NSAID/COX-2 inhibitor use to acute flares
  • Delay the need for total knee replacement (TKR)

    Part of your multimodal approach to OA therapy

Long-lasting Relief with SYNVISC

Sustained pain relief for up to 52 weeks following single course of treatment.

    Real World Results

    SYNVISC® significantly relieved pain as early as 6 weeks, with results sustained up to 1 year

    Adapted from Raman et al, 2008. In this independent, single-centre, prospective, randomized study, 392 patients with primary osteoarthritis of the knee were randomized to receive SYNVISC or Hyalgan.

    *p<0.05 vs. baseline
    p<0.05 vs. Hyalgan

Approved for Repeat

SYNVISC® can be repeated when knee pain returns.

    Well-tolerated and effective with repeat injection/use

    • SYNVISC® was generally well tolerated, with no systemic reactions observed.
    • Only 3 out of 48 patients who received a repeat course of SYNVISC experienced an AE possibly-related to treatment.

    Adapted from Raynauld et al, 2005. In a multicentre, prospective, randomized, controlled, 1-year study, 255 patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) were randomized to receive: a single course with SYNVISC®, two or more (repeat) courses with SYNVISC® or appropriate care as per the 1995 Guidelines for the Medical Management of Osteoarthritis of the Knee proposed by the American College of Rheumatology.

    Patients improved is defined as (1) At least 20% improvement from baseline in WOMAC pain score (2) At least 20% improvement from baseline in WOMAC pain score and either at least a 20% improvement from baseline in function score or stiffness score. A minimum of 4 weeks was allowed between courses of SYNVISC

    *Single-course and Repeat-course vs. Appropriate care, p<0.001
    Single-course and Repeat-course vs. Appropriate care, p<0.05

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Synvisc-One is a treatment to decrease pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis that replaces the diseased synovial fluid in your knee with a gel-like substance that is very similar to the synovial fluid found in healthy, young joints.